Anonymous: where do you download your fonts for gifs?

oh my god i never saw this message when did you even ask omg im so sorry i really cant remember i havent made gifs in over 6 months

Anonymous: where is the are you a virgin nice nice from

a conversation between two people

Anonymous: give bob rim job


Anonymous: anni panni I love u and I miss u so much!!!11!! dont bother guessing who I am. u stupid and fat and I love u bye

fuck you

Anonymous: are you iGoogleBieber on twitter?


Anonymous: Oh my god weed is the best thing ever! But a friend of mine really lost it smoking it for the first time. She couldn't even stand straight anymore and fell in a huge puddle. So scary but also kinda funny haha.

Really? I thought the same, but when I tried it I didn’t feel anything? I just had to throw up lmao. Or maybe it’s cause I took something else too.

Omg is she ok?

Anonymous: You greened from weed? Awe poor thing lol that happened to my friend once.

lmaooo, it was the worst thing ever

Anonymous: your dp, is that from a movie or something? :)

it’s from teen wolf :)

Anonymous: Well you're kinda right though, I used to live in Germany for a couple years. :)