Anonymous: Fuqua.


Anonymous: rate blogs anni? :-)

sure :)

shhivers: can you post that justin gif that he turns he head and kinda fake smile? when he was 16 if that helps you understand which I mean :)

this one? 

Anonymous: Thank you so much! And I love your blog it's perfect

thank you!

Anonymous: Hi sweety, can you please tell me what format is that I have to keep my video taken from Youtobe to open in photoshop to make a gif??

MOV :)

Anonymous: can you make a tutorial about your last photoset?

sure, a tutorial on what exactly? like what do you want to know? :E

f1nnick-deactivated20120620: now delete those messages


Anonymous: why do you always tag f1nnick in your answered questions? O.O

well, it’s missing e ~

and i’m just trying to get her to change her url back to f1nnick

Anonymous: top 100 favorite blogs?
  1. kidrauhl
  2. morningsuns
  3. theysayinwonderland
    my friends blogs :-)