What about you, girl on fire? Do you have any secrets worth my time?

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youre so butthurt and theres no read more button on the tumblr app

yeah maybe because you do it almost every time? like no matter what i post there’s always a sarcastic reply from you or someone else and it just gets annoying. i knew someone was going to say something like that and it’s things like these that make me regret posting something on my OWN blog.

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f1nnick replied your post why cant i live in scandinavia and

do you wanna see my school and some of my school people

yes idk what you’re trying to say but no school can be worse than mine

yeah let that sink in

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oh god please dont tell me you remember that

f1nnick liked your post so everytime my brothers girlfriend (?) comes over he always wants us to leave

aw yes he is (a little) but we don’t even do anything??? i wouldn’t even say hello to her if she came to our house and i dont think my parents would do it bc they dont wanna bother them so she wouldn’t even notice our existence tbh so i dont get his problem???

f1nnick replied your post am i the only one that never really shipped jiley or jelena

then why do you reblog/edit jiley

because 1. they look good together (but i dont ship them) 2. bc i had the idea for a jiley manip and it was fun to make it 3. the manips i reblog r pretty???

i really miss you???

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omfg anni

omg what navlin

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fab eyebrows boo
oh my god thanks??? i hate them tho cause i have to pluck them almost everyday wow im done with my face