AU MEME: Justin returns from war calling his friend Ryan at the airport or to hear bad news at the end of the line.
Justin:Hey Ry, I can’t believe I’m back bro! Where’s Miles? Is she coming with you? I bought her a ring, you know…thinking about making her mine forever…
Ryan: Justin.
Justin: I want to marry her. I love her. I truly-
Ryan: She’s dead, Justin.

holy shit

i went shopping today and i bought the most beautiful clothes ok omg i think im in love

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justin being a tease.

Do you really wanna be with him, girl?
When all he ever does is make you cry 


He kisses you but he don’t mean it 


And he don’t look into your eyes 

imageYour boyfriend is a douchebag 


justin bieber and the ollg in manchester 2/22

that should be me

i’m crying omg

watch this video that i made in 2011

justin bieber - all things