heystephens: from where do you download your videos?


and these are my settings


Anonymous: okay, when i try to add a PSD to a gif or photo, its doesn't create a group so i cant drag it on it? so what do i do? btw i use photo cs5

ok, so you probably get something like this, right?

go to select > all layers

then duplicate the layers and yeah you know the steps ~

Anonymous: how do you edit your nose on photoshop ? i really hate mine tbh

omg #same anon we share the same fate

lovato-inspired-me: how can i open an PSD i know im stupid but im not good at photoshop !!

drag the psd to your photoshop or go to file > open then choose the psd that you want to use and click open

Anonymous: How do you smart sharpen an icon if you want to make one?

idk about smart sharpen settings but this is where you can smart sharpen your icon ~

Anonymous: can u make a tutorial of how do u download video for gifs, i remember that u had a tutorial beside how to make a gif but i think u deleted it :p

copy the youtube link of the video that you want to download.

go on http://www.convertfiles.com/

and paste the link right there ^

then make your settings look like mine.

then click on convert :)

Anonymous: i edit pics on ps and they look good there, but then i post them to tumblr and they look bad and low quality :( help?
Anonymous: sorry i meant cs5, where is sharpen?

Anonymous: can you make a tutorial on how to do the gray box on the outlining of ur last photoset??
  1. Make a new Layer
    Layer > new > Layer
    or Shift + CTRL + N
  2. use the rectangular marquee tool to make the lines
    then make a right click on the gif and hit select inverse
    use the brush tool

    to paint the selection to whatever color you want, i painted it white

    set the opacity of the layer to whatever looks good on your gif