stratfordskidrauhl: she also acts like she's some kind of "official bieberwebsite". like, YOU'RE RUNNING A FREAKING BLOG, stop acting like you're the queen of the world, omg.

i know right? i don’t really like her theme tbh. it’s more like a hipster/news blogs theme

stratfordskidrauhl: lol she was one of the first blog i followed, but i unfollowed her again after all the shit happened. she's still following me tho, and still thinks i'm totally in love with her everything, when in reality i really dislike her guts. WHOOPSIE DOOPSIE. did you notice how fearless i was there?

lmao yeah, she did the same to me lol she told me that she’s still following me even after i unfollowed her. like no, that won’t make me follow you again.

stratfordskidrauhl: stop being so beautiful omg

but i’m not even beautiful so how can i stop

stratfordskidrauhl: we hit tweet limit omfg.


you can still tweet on mobile.twitter.com if you want to

my first co-owners will be




just tweet as much as possible, ok? and don’t hack :)